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If you are thinking about hiring a forensic document examiner, please consider my office to assist you. I am Board Certified, have fair pricing, have a fast turn around time and I am attorney recommended.

My office handles forgeries, wills, disguised writing, notes, checks, contracts, prenuptial agreements, expert witness, poison pen letters, envelopes, attorney consulting, courtroom exhibits, and much more.

I do not charge for the initial consultation, to discuss your case or your documents, so feel free to call my office and get the information you need to understand the entire forensic document examination process.

I will provide a candid strategy about your situation and consult you on your next step. In some cases I will say "Fax or Email me the documents" for a quick review. In other cases, I may choose to refer you to another document examiner who can better serve your case based on location, experience, budget, etc.

I have handled many cases where the "truth" about a signature is all the client is really looking for to cases that my clients know will go to trial.

Please phone my office if you think I can be of service to you. During your pressure free initial consultation my staff and I will be professional, efficient, and honest. We don't waste your time.

  • I am highly trained and experienced so your case will have accepted forensic practices applied to your unique situation.
  • You can get started right away just phone my office for instructions. If you have a rush case we will be able to accommodate your time schedule.
  • Upon request, you can get a second opinion, no additional charge. Peer reviews make sure written opinions and reports are "sound and unbiased" so that your case is solid in the eyes of the law.

You can pick up the phone and talk to me or to be added to the case queue quickly click on the order now button.

My fees are among the lowest in the industry and my credibility, knowledge, and customer service is among the highest. This combination allows every person the opportunity to hire a document examiner for a fair price, leaving no one without help.

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So, Call Now and ask questions. Helping solve forgery cases in Seattle, WA,

the United States and around the World

Are you a victim of forgery or identity theft?

Has a document been altered with the intent to defraud?

Do you need an expert witness on a questioned document?

I Specialize In…

  • Questioned Documents
  • Disputed Documents
  • Altered Documents
  • Suspect Documents
  • Graffiti
  • Obliterations
  • Erasures
  • Signature Verification
  • Attorney Consultation


  • Anonymous Letters
  • Wills
  • Forgeries
  • Checks
  • Medical Records
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Deeds
  • Loan Documents
  • Any surface or object

Other Contact Information:
Email: forgeryexpert@gmail.com
Fax Number: 206-299-3295
Fax / Email me your documents so I can help you immediately.

Located at:
103 Amber Lane,
Winlock, Washington 98596

Verbal Opinion/Case Examination (1 Signature/Document)


Additional Questioned Signatures(already paid $400.00)


Upgrade to Written Report(already paid $400.00)



I would just like to thank you for your assistance. Your personalized, speedy attention made my experience with your firm a very positive one. I would be more than willing to recommend your services to others.


Employee was found to be the author of a handwritten"Poisoned Pen" Employee Evaluation, handwriting matched the writing on an employment application.

"Brian Forrest is a professional handwriting expert of the highest standards.  If you need to hire a handwriting expert who is fast, honest, and direct… hire Mr. Forrest.  I did and will again."

The client was found to be cleared of authoring the signature on a financial aide application.

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