If You Need a Certified Document Examiner

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Please Include:

1. All documents in question (alleged to be forged or altered)

2. All known handwriting samples (send as many as possible, these are the comparison documents, the more the better)

Note: If you have more than one suspect involved please provide samples of all parties who are believed to be involved.


3. Mail documents:

Brian Forrest

103 Amber Lane

Winlock, WA 98596

If you are mailing originals that you want returned. Please provide a self-addressed postage paid envelope for mailing back.

4. Scan and email document: (if possible scan at 300 to 600 dpi)

4a. Scan all questioned documents in chronological order. Send in a PDF. All known documents, repeat the same way.

4b. Email the documents to: forgeryexpert@gmail.com

5. Fax documents:

Fax to 206-299-3295

Payment can be made through this website using credit card, check or Paypal options or if you choose you can mail a check or money order to the above address.


Would you like to communicate with a live person before you submit your case?

Just text Brian’s office at 1-206-384-8887

Just Call Brian’s office at 1-206-384-8887

Fax your documents to 206-299-3295.